Come and Become

Abdiaziz Mahdi Ahmed, Guudcadde

Think about a restaurant for a moment…
What came across your head? Yes, cooks, customers, waiters, food, drink, and even a cashier.

I have a great derivation from here. Wide this view into your life’s size; deal our life as a restaurant.

In the bar, one person comes to it early in the morning only and only to get food, what to eat. We call him a customer. There is another person whose arriving purpose is only and only to prepare what to eat, this guy comes earlier than the customer; we call this a cook.

In our life, some body is alive just to care about some one else’s life. He’s significant to the humanity. We call this a selfless person! He don’t care to be the winner, but he do care all the time to become the coach of the winner; who causes some one to win! Don’t he match with the cook? Why not. The cook is here for you to provide what to eat, he’s FOR YOU! And he, the cook, is very vital for the maintenance of your day, while the selfless man is important for the maintenance of your entire life!

There is another group of people in our life. Some one who lives for himself! He becomes some times a successful, but gains a dignity that is stuck within him! He don’t care about the life of others. And yet he consumes the efforts of the selfless people. We call this kind of man a selfish! He totally loves to be the number one, and the only, winner in his community, but in the entire global! Can you see any similarities between this guy and the customer? The customer comes and gets, he’s dependent, he don’t care about the cooks, even sometimes he uses an offensive terms to the cook and to the waiter. He’s just willing to get a ready food. He likes to be spoon-fed! Hey.. the costumer pays the bill as a reward?, you may argue. No way! The man can live without money, but can’t life without meal! And as said by Alan Watt “Menu is not the meal”!
What about the selfish? He do wish to get not to give. He is just sitting over there, waiting a well prepared success to come to him, exactly as the costumer does; he, the costumer, sits over the chair waiting a well prepared and cooked food!!

Did you get any point of what I’m talking about?

My philosophy in this world is so simple, I do consider the life as a dining building, coming over there and becoming the cook not the costumer!

Come and become the cook not the costumer!


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